How Video and Targeted Ads can Help You Increase Engagement

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Indeed, good quality pictures can play an important role in your company’s website or social media. They will make them look good, and along with well-written SEO content will bring you good traffic and probably even sales. But if you also want to engage with your audience, making them want to come back to your website, it is proven that video increases user engagement dramatically.

No doubt, sites with marketing video content are much more attractive and offer a better user experience.

top-level-promo-emarketingHere are some interesting facts you might want to know:

• In 2015 Facebook reported 8 billion daily video views. Think about it. This is just on Facebook, alone. Crazy!.
• Using the word “video” in your email subject will increase open rates by 19%
• 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.
• Videos improve twitter engagement by 28%
• By 2020, 7 trillion video clips are expected to be uploaded.

So yes, Video is that IMPORTANT. Now just think about this:

Throughout the years people have been exposed to marketing content through radio, tv or their computers at work and home. Nowadays, even if you don’t use a computer, marketing content always finds a way to reach you. No surprise you can’t escape from marketing. That is what marketing is about anyway. And you could probably thank the smartphones for that. With even bigger screens, smartphones are now one of the principal ways to deliver marketing content to people.

Now there is no need anymore to spend huge amounts of money advertising on billboards, radio or tv ads since you can run your ads many times a day for a small fraction of what it cost a tv or radio ad. And that can happen not once, but every time they will surf the web using their smartphones. You can even target your audience by location, age, and interests, making your campaigns even more effective. With targeted ads, you will not waste money trying to reach people that simply are not interested at all in what you are offering.

Targeted ads are incredible. But can you even imagine what would happen if you mix both things, video, and highly targeted ads? The power of a good marketing video when you show it many times a day right in front of the faces of your highly targeted prospects can produce great results.

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