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What Colors Should You Choose for Your Promotional Items?

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promotional items - top level promo 276267 300x199 - What Colors Should You Choose for Your Promotional Items?It can be tempting to simply choose your favorite colors when ordering your promotional products, but did you know that color can play a big factor in encouraging consumers to buy your promotional products or services? Before you place your order for advertising products, consider how color is used by some of the biggest brands and corporations in the world today. Understanding the psychology of colors can determine how effective your promotional items are.

When most people look at an item, they’ll be responsive to the visual stimuli—from color to graphics and even the slogan. The colors themselves can affect a consumer’s unconscious and subconscious mind. A professional graphic designer will utilize the power of colors to create their graphic art. But you don’t need to be a professional to understand its effects on the human mind. Just take a look at the world around you. Color can play a big role in how we see the world.

The effect of colors on people

A clear blue sky and a warm yellow sun will brighten our mood. The dark black of an alley can frighten us. Red can make us happy when we think about roses. There are three primary colors to consider–red, yellow, and blue, and various shades, hues, and tones.

  • Red is a color that can display heat, warmth, and energy. It’s used in stop signs as a warning to stop and take notice. You may also notice how many food companies use red in their logos or brands as it can help to stimulate appetite.
  • Black may be a cautious color, but it can also signify authority too.
  • Pink is associated with baby girls and femininity.
  • Brown has a masculine or a vintage association.
  • The color purple has its roots in royalty, but can also signify wealth, luxury, and the church.

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  • Yellow also signifies caution like red does for traffic lights, but it can also be for promotional products that have a bright and sunny disposition.
  • Orange indicates Halloween and the fall, but can also for fun, affordability, toys, and youthfulness.
  • Green indicates the great outdoors and can be serene, organic, and fresh.
  • The color blue is often used by banks and financial firms as it indicates trust and tranquility. It can also indicate sincerity and professionalism.

More than one color can be chosen for your promotional products. Consider what the message is for your promotional items. Do you want potential buyers to stop and take notice of your brand? Does it need to lend a certain level of trust to the buyer? Do you need to order promotional products for your product line that promotes green living or healthy eating? In order to choose one or more colors for your promotional items or trade show giveaways, often the clue lies in what message you are trying to convey to your consumers and customers.


If you still need help in choosing colors for your promotional items, please contact Top Level Promo today and we’d be happy to assist you!


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