Do you review the artwork before sending to production?
We ask you to review your artwork carefully for typos, accuracy and in general to be in compliance with our Graphic Standards. We only send “print ready” artwork to production. For more information about what a print ready artwork is please refer to our Graphic Standards by clicking the following link: https://toplevelpromo.com/graphic-standards/


What’s a “PMS Color”?
The Pantone Color Matching System (PMS) is an industry standard color matching and reproduction system. By creating a standardized and cataloged set of colors, Pantone allows various manufacturers in different locations to make use of this system in order to make sure their product colors will match without having to directly contact one another. The actual Pantone guides consist of a large number of thin cardboard sheets measuring approximately 6″×2″ (15cm×5cm) which are printed on one side with a series of color swatches and then bound into a small flipbook. An example “page” might contain a number of blues varying from light to dark, or from a “true” blue toward a more turquoise shade.
Extracted from: https://pantone.fandom.com/wiki/Pantone_Color_Matching_System

What’s “Bleed”?
The bleed is a part of your artwork made to continue a color, design or image off the edge of the material we are printing in. Sometimes we need your design to have bleed in order to insure the ink runs fully to the edge and not stopping short when the paper is trimmed. It is not always required. Only when there is a color, design or image that goes beyond the line where the paper should be trimmed.

What is a “Pantone Color”?
Please refer to the FAQ question “What’s a “PMS Color”? Promotional Products

What is the minimum quantity that we can order?
Usually if an item is decorated/branded the first column price will indicate the minimum quantity that can be ordered (MOQ). Ceramic & Drinkware items are mostly sold in full carton quantities only. There are a few exceptions, always let us know the item# and how many you want to order.


Do you offer Free Samples?
All samples have a material and/or shipping cost.  Most samples as generic random imprinted samples, some could be blanks.


Why are delivery, shipping & handling costs (S&H) estimated and not final?
These costs are estimated because there are many factors that affect the cost of delivery. Some of these variables are actual weight, volume weight, final number of boxes or pallets, inside or dock deliveries, domestic or commercial address. Plus, fuel surcharges are assessed by most carriers and will fluctuate with fuel costs.  Therefore, your S&H cost may be different on the final bill/invoice.

Is there a cost for shipping to multiple addresses?
Yes, there is usually a handling cost for each address. For more information please contact us before ordering at (305) 918-2347 or email sales@toplevelpromo.com

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Who can create an account?
Anyone can do it. And it’s free!

I’d like to purchase something in your shop. How do I create an account?
In the shop page, top right corner, click over “Account”. Then a login page will open. Below the “Sign In” button you will see a “Create account” link. Just click it and fill out all the required fields to create your account.