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5 Very Smart Ways to Wow Your Prospects at Online Events

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5 Very Smart Ways to Wow Your Prospects at Online Events


It might be the case you are thinking on hosting a virtual product showcase or some other online event. With good planning and a little creativity, you can have a great shot to wow your attendees with your message and make it something to talk about.

Here are 5 great ideas you might want to consider:


1. Unleash the power of promotional gift products

You know how well they work these giveaway logo items. You gave them away in all conferences and trade shows you attended representing your company. And yes, we know it won’t be the same. This time won’t be in-person, but virtual. And here’s the trick. By shipping promotional products in advance to your attendees, you will raise excitement for the upcoming event and keep your name on top of their list… and most probably at their sight over their desks. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to give you some fantastic ideas.


2. Pay their lunch in advance

Since your goal is to keep their attention for a while, you don’t want hunger to be a distraction. Send the attendees a custom code to DoorDash, GrubHub or any other food delivery service you like. This will allow them to stay tuned to your event and engaged knowing lunch is coming.


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3. Spark the fun with a virtual happy hour

We have been months already into this COVID-19 situation. So, the probability your potential buyers are sick and tired of participating in virtual hangouts is pretty high. Why don’t you make it fun then? Along with the promotional products, place inside your gift box a note with a cocktail recipe so attendees can make and enjoy the same beverage. It can be convenient to include the ingredients. But that’s up to you.


4. Have a plan for breaks

When your online event length is long it’s important to plan in advance what to do on breaks to keep participants engaged. You can sponsor any entertainment or arrange for relaxation sessions by qualified professionals. Use this as an opportunity to support small businesses in your zone having fun at the same time.


5. Offer giveaways during sessions 

During your presentation you want to keep engagement levels high, right? And there are some extra things you can do to achieve it. Sponsor a digital scavenger hunts or virtual trivia games like the ones in You can also throw giveaways like Spotify passes or eGift cards to keep them motivated.


No matter the kind of virtual event you will be hosting, always look for opportunities to surprise and engage your attendees. Make it fun. The business opportunities are out there. Have a plan and customize your event with whatever things works best for your audience and the business will follow.