This Is How We Do It

Take notes in every step. You’ll need them later

Step#1: Choose your apparel

Top Level Promo Smarbrands
Top Level Promo Abbrands

Item Prices shown in our search pages are approximate. Additional fees could apply

Step#2: Decide the decoration method


Color paint is applied through screens to the fabric in order to draw your artwork


The artwork is stitched directly into the fabric using color threads

Step#3: Decide the decoration placement

Decor Location Chart

Step#4: Now complete the following form and submit

Minimum Order: 12 on Caps. 30 Everything else
Check the one that applies
Check the one that applies
This is the day you need to have your order delivered before the end of the day. This is not the same as your event date.
If you already know the styles, sizes, and quantities you want by visiting our promotional clothing section please write them here also

Step#5: Well, this is it. One of our sales reps will send you a detailed quotation very soon


I still don't have a production ready artwork

We can help you designing one for a fee. Please call us at (305) 918-2347

I would like to embroider my shirts all over the full front

Well, we’re sure you think that’s a great idea. But it’s not. Embroidery looks better when is done in small spots, like left or right chest, left or right sleeve and black collar. It could even work in the upper back or center chest, but never a full front or back. For that size one of the best methods is Screen Printing. I will look great.

Will my shirts shrink?

Well it depends on the material. If you are worried about shrinking please look for a pre-shrunk apparel.

I will screen print my shirts. Can I download my logo from the company's website?

Although sometimes it could work, it’s better if you send us your logo in a vector file format, like eps. Web images usually don’t have a good resolution. We are picky because we want your job to look great. If you have doubts please check our Graphic Standards section below

I will embroider my shirts. Can I download my logo from the company's website?

Well, it’s complicated. I mean, you can. But most probably we would need to convert to vector format afterwards. And later the vector file need to be digitized for the embroidery machine to understand where it should stitch the threads. You can save yourself some money and to us some time if you send us the already digitized logo file after placing your order.