4 Clever Ways to Use Promotional Items to Grow Your Business

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4 Clever Ways to Use Promotional Items to Grow Your Business


There are many ways to promote your business, but ordering business promotional products can be one of the best ways to get your business noticed. There are nearly limitless products you can offer as giveaways, and it will be a fraction of the cost of a TV or radio ad. But before you hand them out at random, read through our ways to use promotional products to promote your business.


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Promotional products serve a dual purpose

When you hand out promotional products not only does the guest learn about your business, but your business will also be promoted when they wear or use the promotional item they have received. For instance, if you’re handing out baseball caps with your logo them, and the guest likes it, they will wear their hats whenever they’re out in public. Other people may see your logo on the hats and check out your business online. Pens are often handed out as promotional tools, even though they’re small, because the reasoning is that they’re often lost, or borrowed and never returned, so more people will see them over time.


Festivals or events

If you’re already participating in a convention, expo, or festival, the organizers won’t mind if you spend a few minutes handing out promotional items at the center of the grounds, or even from your own booth. But don’t leave an assortment of items on your table up for grabs, create signs and invite people to visit your booth to ask questions. It’s far better to hand out 10 promotional items to potential customers than 100 items to people who simply grabbed them on the way past.


Social media promotion

Set up a teaser in advance announcing that soon you’ll be offering a free t-shirt or pen to the next 10 people who comment and share this post. Be sure to have your logo and company name prominently displayed in your online promotion, and that it’s clear what your business is about. Set a time limit, which will help to control how many products you give away, and also make it easier to confirm that each participant has fully completed all the requirements.


Convert to effective promotional items by adding an offer

Your promotional products can have a special coupon or deal for the customer’s first order or purchase with you. But don’t forget to set a time limit so you’re not inundated with these discounts for too far in advance. You don’t have to have this deal printed right onto the products either. You can simply add a special tag or label that goes along with the promotional items you’re handing out.