Why Custom T-Shirts Can Be The Best To Promote Your Business

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Why Custom T-Shirts Can Be The Best To Promote Your Business


The Custom T-Shirts, the little darlings of the marketing world, are a formidable weapon in your promotional arsenal

Originally designed as an underwear garment, the T-shirt has evolved into one of the most popular wardrobe staples in the world. The T-shirt or tee has also morphed into a comfortable and durable messenger. A simple tee can tell the world what you think, the places you’ve been, the music you like, etc.  Amazingly, more than four decades ago, The New York Times called the tee, “the medium for the message.”  That still holds true today.  This humble wardrobe item is so effective at communicating ideas that T-shirts are often referred to as walking billboards.

Now here are the 3 main reasons why you should make custom t-shirts a part of your visual marketing plan:


Tees are Comfortable, Familiar and Easy to Wear

T-shirts are so comfortable, you can wear them to sleep, to exercise and even to work on casual days. They’re also incredibly convenient.  You just throw them over your head and you’re ready to go. T-shirts are immensely popular–they’re probably one of the best-known objects in the universe! Tees come in so many different fabrics, colors, and styles that they never go out of style. You can wear them day or night. There are so many different t-shirt designs and choices, you can wear them on any occasion, be it casual or super chic. The versatile tee also fits any body type. Your personalized t-shirt can create lots of buzz for your brand. Most marketing experts agree, custom screen print shirts need no introduction.  That’s why they make perfect give away promotional items.


Tees are the Messenger

More than four decades ago, The New York Times called the tee, “the medium for the message.”  Today, tees are so effective at spreading a message that they’re also known as walking billboards. A plain t-shirt is a blank canvas, an invitation to create or design something wonderful and as unique as your logo. A custom t-shirt, helps you wear the message across your body, pledging your allegiance to a brand or an idea.

Whenever someone wears your well-designed, custom logo t-shirt, they’re promoting your brand. They become walking billboards endorsing your brand wherever they go. Additionally, using customized logo t-shirts as promotional giveaways brings your brand into the house of your customers and keeps it front of mind.

A great success story about a custom t-shirt design belongs to the tee created to promote the Home Restaurant and Bar in New York City.  It was a simple, pure cotton, black tee, bearing the name of the restaurant with a fisted hand in the center of the letter O.  In the 70s, John Lennon was photographed wearing one of these t-shirts and the tees and the restaurant instantly became world-famous.  The restaurant is no longer open, but Lennon’s custom t-shirt was recently auctioned online for more than $16,000! Copies are still being sold online today.


T-Shirts are Affordable, Versatile and Long Lasting

Making tees is in many cases an automated process. Advances in printing techniques and the development of better inks offer a vast array of affordable options.  Currently, there are so many choices and brands to fit your budget that you can order one in every color, size, and shape. You can even order custom T-shirts online and you won’t break the bank! Tees are versatile and very reasonably priced.  You can come up with your own T-shirt design or have a visual marketing expert help you with that.  Custom T-shirt printing is an inexpensive yet highly effective promotional vehicle for products and special events.

Special machines integrate the whole process of cutting, assembling, and stitching the T-shirts. There are several methods of getting your artwork onto your custom-made T-shirts.  The most


popular being heat transfer, vinyl transfer, and sublimation printing (as in t-shirt printing and t-shirt screen printing).  Other methods of producing custom clothes and logo tees include embroidery.

Customized T-shirts even offer special features for people who work or play outdoors.  A company recently introduced a line of custom T-shirts online that claims to block 93 to 99% of ultraviolet rays.  These T-shirts are usually made of nylon treated with a sun blocking chemical substance.

Lastly, if you take proper care of your personalized T-shirts, they can last a long time.  A good quality custom T-shirt, displaying your logo, can outlast ads on TV, magazines, even billboards, and banners.  Everyone has a very old T-shirt they refuse to give up.  You probably have one in your closet. Right? Go ahead, create some buzz for your brand with your own personalized T-shirt.